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Mission Statement

What are Surplus Steel Pipes?

A Surplus steel pipe is sometime referred as a secondary steel pipe and is a type of material that is sold as used or surplus rather than prime materials for a few reasons and can be used for a variety of applications. It can be a new tube that was cut to the wrong specifications, or even an excess of steel pipe that is left over after the completion of a particular project. Rather than leaving it to waste, we can supply surplus steel pipes cleaned, painted, welded, and cut to your specifications that can be used in the construction or marine industry. Union Pipe provides quality steel products and individual solutions for specific needs.

Why choose to use Surplus Steel Pipes?

One of the most important benefits is that it’s cost effective. Surplus steel pipes are less expensive than prime tubes or similar new products, and often about the same quality. It might have slight minor defects or slight corrosion from being stored, but once it has been restored by our experts, it will still have plenty of useable life and hundreds of different uses, just like a prime steel tube. This type of material can be used on a lot of different projects: structural construction, road bore casing, dock pile, sign poles and marine engineering. Ensuring the reliable delivery of materials, alongside efficient and effective project management is Union Pipe's Mission.

Who can benefit from our surplus steel pipes?

We can supply steel pipes in different lengths, dimensions and style for many different markets: piping / construction / temporary work / offshore and onshore marine companies. Based in the UK, Union Pipe has worked hard to gain the trust of our customers through consistent and reliable business processes. We aim to satisfy your needs in surplus and prime steel pipes for projects of any size. In accordance with our culture of continuous improvement, our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification is re-evaluated and reaccredited annually. Most of all, our goal is to provide our clients with satisfaction and peace of mind.